Filk Conventions

There are several filk conventions in the U.S., Canada, Britain, and Germany. Each has its own unique qualities while incorporating standard programming such as concerts, workshops, parties, performance, and contests. Many filk cons publish songbooks of filk music. Most have song circles that last into the wee hours of the morning, some even overlap into the day after the con with what’s come to be known as the “Dead Dog.”

Many if not most other sf and fantasy conventions feature filk in their programming events. In particular Worldcon, the World Science Fiction Convention, programs a filk track large enough to be small filk con within a large convention.
Note that, while we support all filk, Interfilk only sends guests to the North American conventions that are exclusively devoted to filk music. The British and German conventions have their own funds for overseas guests.
Listed below are the current filk conventions around the world. (Note: NEFilk stands for The NorthEast Filk Convention, which rotates between three metropolitan areas on the eastern coast of the US every year).

Month Convention Location Country
Early January GAFilk Atlanta, GA US
Late January Conflikt Seattle, WA US
Early February British Filk Con (name varies) TBD England
March Consonance Milpitas, CA US
April FilKONtario Toronto, ON Canada
May/early June (varies) DFDF Das Frühlingsfest der Filksmusik Hanstedt Germany
Early October FilkCONtinental / Intermezzo Wernigerode Germany
Late October Ohio Valley Filk Fest
Columbus, OH US

Sadly, there are some filk conventions that are no longer held. There can be various reasons for this, and for many filkers these conventions live on in memory.

Month Convention Location Country Held From
Early January Musicon Nashville, TN US 1992-1996
February Harmonicon Wichita, KS US 1993-1995
June/July NEFilk Concerto
Philadelphia, PA
Baltimore, MD
Boston, MA
New York, NY
1990- 2022
July ConChord San Diego, CA US 1987-2015