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Do you know someone who would make a great Interfilk Guest? The Interfilk Directors are always scouting for potential guests to send to cons.

The filkers selected as Interfilk guests are not well known outside their home area, but deserve wider exposure. These people may be new and upcoming talent or fans who have not been recognized for their past contributions. Performers, songwriters, tech, producers, organizers, and listeners are all welcome nominees.

Filkers who have been Guests of Honor at a North American filk convention, filkers who have already been Interfilk guests, the Interfilk Directors and their immediate families are not eligible. (We have been known to send someone as a guest and subsequently recruit them to become a director; former guests often contribute in various ways.)

We want your suggestions! First, please look at the information in the “How to become a Guest” page and take a look at the list of past/future guests; then E-Mail us or use our below contact form!

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