Donations & Auctions

Direct Donations

Interfilk is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, incorporated in California.  We exist entirely because of the generosity of the filking community. Don’t have an item to donate to one of our rollickingly fun Interfilk Auctions? No worries. You can still contribute to Interfilk using this convenient PayPal button below! (and remember, if you are a US citizen donating at a US auction, that your gift is tax-deductible!)

Are you are making your donation as a gift for a friend or in the memory of a loved one? If so, please include their name and address in the message box that will appear at the end of the donation process so that we can send an appropriate message of thanks to both you and the beneficiary of your kindness.

The PayPal addresses to send to are: – for the U.S. – for Canada


Now, close your eyes now and picture the Interfilk Directors giving you the auction salute while chanting, “We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!” But seriously, we are very grateful for your support.
You can also support Interfilk while shopping at Amazon! With “Amazon Smile”, a small percentage of your purchase prices is passed on to us.
If you click on the below link, your purchases will count. (Note – you *must* use the link to go to Amazon, right away – this cannot be added via the normal website.)

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Interfilk Auctions

Filk cons all over North America generously set aside time in their programming tracks for Interfilk to conduct an auction. This is our primary method of generating the funds to send deserving Guests to far away cons.

The items auctioned are donated by filkers; and the auctioning is lively and entertaining! We welcome the donation of the odd, the unusual or the unique – anything a discerning fan might find interesting. Items up for bid are shown around the room (well, run may be more accurate…) by “Interfilk Wenches”. Sometimes there’s just one Interfilk Wench, and sometimes there’s a whole track team. Wenching has no gender bias; fans of all genders have effectively displayed auction “goods” to the discerning buyer.

Our auctions, though important, are never serious affairs. Every now and then an item is bid on in order to “gift” it to someone else (otherwise known as a “mathom“, which was devised by J.R.R. Tolkien in “The Hobbit” to describe presents that no one really wants, but which are given and received in good humor). The most famous Interfilk mathom was a hideous macrame dubbed Harry Hemp. The first recipient simply donated it to the next auction at the same con (he really wanted to get rid of it). The second lucky recipient took Harry home, washed him (several times), adorned him with an outfit… and re-donated him (again!) to the Interfilk auction at their local convention. For over 15 years, Harry donned several new costumes, and acquired a wife and several children. The conventions where Harry and his family were auctioned even contributed membership badges to him, so that the travels of the ‘filk hammock’ could be well documented.

As you can see, hilarity always ensues and everyone wins. We are particularly Photo by Debbie Ridpath-Ohigrateful for those of you who purchase our oddities.

For the benefit of the conventions who like to prepare in advance (and also for Interfilk Directors to have access to these helpful files when traveling from filk con to filk con) we include below some of the PDF forms for running a successful Interfilk auction: