Interfilk Directors

Interfilk is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, incorporated in California. All of the work that goes into Interfilk is done on a volunteer basis. The Directors and their support receive no remuneration and often absorb their expenses as well. Their rewards come from working with a group of people who love filk, and watching (and hopefully, helping) the filk community thrive.

The Interfilk Board consists of Officers and Regional Directors. New members of the Board are chosen at the invitation of existing Directors. There is one Director for each major geographic area of the U.S. and Canada, and two who serve with no set geographic area (At Large Directors). Meetings are conducted via conference call or at conventions where a quorum can be reached. The annual meeting is held at OVFF in October every year.

Your Interfilk Directors are:

Name Position Region Location
Kathleen Sloan President Southwest US Colorado
Judith Hayman Vice-President Canada Ontario
Brenda Sutton Treasurer Midwest US Indiana
Rob Wynne Director Northwest US Washington
Bob Laurent Founder At Large California
Merav Hoffman Director Northeast US New Jersey
Steven Joel Zeve Director At Large Maryland
Tim Miller Director Mid South US Texas
Nick Smith Director Southern California California

You can contact the directors, using our contact form.

Spouses and “Significant Others” of Interfilk Directors are traditionally co-opted into assisting with various duties; they may attend all meetings in a consulting capacity but do not vote on guests or policies (although we cannot stop them from expressing opinions, nor would we dare try). They also serve as backup Directors in the case that a seated Director is temporarily unable to fulfil their duties. Also assisting the board are Steve and Katy Macdonald who, as European Guest Liaisons, facilitate “translating” North American fan customs for our overseas guests.

Emeritus Directors

Emeritus Directors have been on the Board in the past, but have stepped down from being voting members of the Board. They may remain available for consultation, or carry out other duties, but they no longer vote.

Name Region Status Served Location
Gary Anderson Southern California Deceased Founding Clerk
1991 to 1998
Trace Hagemann Midwest US Emeritus to 2017 Ohio
Diana Huey Midwest US Retired 1996 to 2003 Ohio
Spencer Love Northeast US Emeritus Founding Treasurer
1991 to 2014
Juliana McCorison Western Canada / Northeastern US Emeritus to 2017 Vancouver, CA
Bill Sutton Southeast US Emeritus Founding V.P. 1991; President to 2012 Indiana
Mary Ellen Wessels Midwest US Emeritus 1993 to 1996 New Hampshire